Prakash Offset Machinery Private Limited
Leader in Offset Printing Machine
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Prakash Offset Machinery Private Limited
Leader in Offset Printing Machine

We are honored to welcome our customers at Prakash Offset Machinery Pvt. Ltd. With the latest printing technology and quality of machines, we offer high quality products.

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Products & Services Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine - Prakash-6040
Products & Services

Web Offset Printing Machine with Mono Unit

Mono Unit Printing Machine is designed to make it capable of printing just one colour on either side of the web. Basically, a mixture of 2-0 colour is used for doing litho printing. The available stack unit can be mounted without using reel stand. Beside the stand, it uses colour satellite to get mounted to print 4+1 printing and mono unit to print 2+2 printing. This is manufactured using high grade components to manufacture this unit.

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Additional Informations

  • Printing system
  • Paper industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Manual side register system
  • Safety guards
  • Variable speed motorized dampening
  • Centralized oil pressure lubrication
  • Electro mechanical web-break detector
  • Spring type plate lock up system
  • Lever type swing down ink fountain
  • Heavy duty compensator
  • Web aligner
  • Clutch on either side of unit
  • Hard chrome plated solid plate and blanket cylinder
  • Infra-red web-break detector
  • Centralized water circulation system
  • Pneumatic on/off control
  • Spray dampening system
  • Remote ink control
  • Automatic registration control
  • Brushmist dampening system
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Flying splicer
  • Infra-red web-break detector

Web Offset Printing Machine-Folder 16000 CPH

Printing Machine Folder 16000 CPH is a kind of machine that offers a sound solution for increased quality along with the best value for money. Its high performance is the key to economic and reliable production. The performance and sturdy design minimize the wastage of printing and enhance the amount of colored pages. The basic principle used in the working involves 1:2 ratios along with additional heavy duty folding drum. A quick changes between half, quarter page or 1/8 fold can be done.

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Additional Informations
  • Newspaper printing
  • Printing industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Operator friendly
  • Flawless performance
  • Modular construction
  • Constant print quality
  • Inherently flexible
  • Easy maintenance
Capacity 5-6 webs or 20-24 pages broad sheet newspaper
Max. web width 889 mm
Available cut of sizes 508 mm, 546 mm, 560 mm, 578 mm
Speed 30000 copies per hour
Particulars Cut Off      
Printing speed 508 mm (20″) 546mm (21-1/2″) 560mm (22″) 578mm (22- 3/4″)
Plate width16000 – 36000 CPH16000 – 36000 CPH16000 – 36000 CPH16000 – 36000 CPH
Plate length (Unbent) (Slit type)889 mm (35″)889 mm (35″)889 mm (35″)889 mm (35″)
Plate thickness539mm577mm591mm609mm
Blanket Length (including bars)0.30mm0.30mm0.30mm0.30mm
Blanket length (including packing)556mm556mm556mm556mm
Paper width1.65+0.451.65+0.451.65+0.451.65+0.45
Max; Reel diameter737-889mm737-889mm737-889mm737-889mm
Printing Length (Max)1070mm(42″)1070mm(42″)1070mm(42″)1070mm(42″)
Paper grammage (uncoated)482mm520mms534mm552mm
Blanket width38-6038-6038-6038-60
Non – printing
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