Prakash Offset Machinery Private Limited
Leader in Offset Printing Machine
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Prakash Offset Machinery Private Limited
Leader in Offset Printing Machine

We are honored to welcome our customers at Prakash Offset Machinery Pvt. Ltd. With the latest printing technology and quality of machines, we offer high quality products.

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Products & Services Laser Cutting & Engraving Machine - Prakash-6040
Products & Services

Web Offset Printing Machine-Folder 30000 CPH

In the printing industry, Web Offset Printing Machine-Folder 30000 cph is acclaimed as a sound solution for printing purposes. Highest quality prints production is followed by decreasing costs and show high performance. Its efficiency enables large print option that runs along with a large number of colored pages. The short web lead and tower like structure reduces the amount of wastage, eliminating extra running cost. Furthermore, it also required for quick changeover to quarter page or double parallel fold or 1/8 fold from half page.

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Additional Informations
  • Printing industry
  • Publishing house
  • Paper industry
  • High degree of automation
  • High output
  • Double parallel folder
  • Web under lead system
  • Cut-off control
  • Cross perforator
  • Slitter or perforator on nipping rollers
  • Clutch on operating side of folder
  • Quarter page folder
Capacity 5-6 webs or 20 to 24 pages broadsheet newspaper
Speed 30000 copies per hour
Available cut of sizes 508mm, 546mm, 560mm and 578mm
Max. Web width 889 mm
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Web Offset Printing Machine-Speedster 36,000 CPH

Relying on 2:2 principles, Printing Machine Speedster 36,000 CPH is extensively brought in use as newest development in the printing area. High reliability and offered quality helped us to maintain a higher position in the market. This has proven to be the fastest running machine that delivers approx 36,000 copies per hour even at high speed. It is featured with low life cycle cost, easy handling and heavy duty speed that take around 90000 to 95000 circulations. The incorporated folder has the capacity to handle 6-8 webs for producing 24-32 pages of broad sheet newspaper.

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Additional Informations
  • Newspaper printing industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Printing industry
  • Quarter folder
  • Cut off compensator for max 8 webs
  • Single shot grease lubrication
  • PU coated nipping roller
  • Upper former
  • Operating console
  • Slitter or perforator on nipping roller
  • Web under lead system
  • Double parallel fold
Capacity 6-8 webs or 24-32 pages
Maximum web width 889 mm
Available cut of sizes 508 mm, 546 mm, 560 mm, 578 mm
speed 36000 copies per hour
Product Cut off Broadsheet Tabloid Quarter fold (magazines) Double parellel or Digest t (2- on)
Signature Size 578mm 368mm to 444mm*578mm 289mm* 368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*289mm 144.5mm * 368mm to 444mm
(Untrimmed sizes) 546mm 368mm to 444mm*546mm 273mm *368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*273mm 136.5mm * 368mm to 444mm
Depending on Web width used 560mm 368mm to 444mm*560mm 280mm *368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*280mm 140mm * 368mm to 444mm
  533mm 368mm to 444mm*533mm 266.5mm*368mm to444mm 184mm to 222mm*266.5mm 133mm *368mm to 444mm
  508mm 368mm to 444mm*508mm 254mm * 368mm to 444mm 184mm to 222mm*254mm 127mm * 368mm to 444
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